Are you ready for a
game-changing change order?

Implement this FEMA/NYCHA-approved change order to engineer breakthrough revenue and savings.

40 percent


We're heating things up at Ocean Bay Houses —
and it's all about Hydronic Conversion.

Welcome to SCBR technology — the hottest new idea in hot-water heating! Platinum Energy Group's groundbreaking proprietary SCBR technology — or Self-Contained Boiler Room — changed the game in helping us win the heating restoration project at Ocean Bay Houses in Far Rockaway, Queens. The benefits of innovative hot-water-based-Hydronic Conversion vs. the standard steam-based systems of yesteryear led FEMA/NYCHA to approve a change order that is tangibly improving the lives of the tenants of Ocean Bay Houses today.

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Decentralization eliminates use of
aging steam pipe infrastructure.

Self-contained, self-looping SCBR technology circumvents New York's underground steam pipes. The fact that SCBR is a decentralized solution played a huge role in persuading FEMA/NYCHA to approve such a unique alternative. SCBR is a proven dependable, long-life /low-maintenance, green, smart-heating, natural-gas-fired-system that arrives UL-approved from the factory. It comes built-in to a container and is deployed upon the rooftop of each building, safely above the potential flood waters of events like Superstorm Sandy.

30 percent
30 percent

You, too, can propose this high-margin, pre-approved FEMA/NYCHA change order that could boost revenue up to 30% on your current or pending project. Let us walk you through the steps of how to successfully introduce this approach.

Not only will SCBR reduce energy costs by up to 40% for building owners, but its hurricane- and disaster-resistant mechanics ensure peace of mind for asset and property managers. Plus, SCBR outfits each building with a smart-heating zone solution that is remotely monitored and controlled — ensuring comfortable, stable and efficient heating throughout each apartment unit.

40 percent
40 percent
NYCHA is as excited as we are about the the new Self-Contained Boiler Room (SCBR) containers being rigged to the roofs of 24 buildings in Ocean Bay Houses in Far Rockaway, Queens.

Rapid worksite workflow ensures efficient,
cost-saving deployment.

Our proven project management process shaves hours, which turn into dollars. As an occupied rehabilitation program, SCBR deployment needed to be fast, efficient, logistically sound and, most importantly, minimally disruptive to tenants. Our unique program management and construction process accelerates production and saves us an estimated 40% in labor and material costs each day. Let us show you how to do the same.

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